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Sevierville offers an incredible location; we are situated between other major cities in the Smoky Mountains, making it a draw for locals and tourists every year. With mountains, rivers, attractions, and activities available, it's not surprising that Sevierville continues to grow in popularity year over year.

Unfortunately, the hot summers and abundant nature make our area popular with different types of pests, making it necessary to seek Sevierville pest control services. At Southeast Termite and Pest Control, we know how important it is to enjoy a pest-free experience.

To help you become and remain pest-free, our team provides a comprehensive pest control approach centered on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles. By doing this, we tackle today's pest issues while setting you up to be pest-free in the future.

You can live a life free of pests in no time by working with our team of experts. Reach out today to explore your pest control options and enjoy a pest-free life with your favorite people.

Residential Pest Control In Sevierville

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When you finally get home after a long day, you want to relax and unwind while leaving the outside world behind. Unfortunately, pests have other plans, making it necessary to remove them as quickly as possible. Fortunately, that's easy to accomplish when you take advantage of our residential pest control solutions.

Before starting your treatment, we'll perform a comprehensive inspection to understand your unique situation fully. After the inspection, we'll create a customized pest control strategy to eliminate today's pest problems. Whether you need a one-time treatment or monthly or quarterly plans, we have you covered.

Make the pests leave your home for good by working with our team. Reach out to Southeast Termite and Pest Control today to discuss your residential pest control needs and take back control of your home.

Commercial Pest Control In Sevierville

Keeping your business running without too many issues is vital in order to remain competitive in the Smoky Mountains, thanks to the heavy tourist traffic. When pests invade, you risk experiencing negative reviews, sick employees, and a bad reputation, among other problems. We know that's unacceptable, which is why we provide unmatched commercial pest control solutions.

We always start with an inspection of your property to identify the entry points, pest attraction factors, and the type of pests invading your business. Once we have answers, we develop and execute a treatment strategy tailored to your business needs and unique situation.

Get back to business as usual by partnering with our team of experts. Contact Southeast Termite and Pest Control today to explore your commercial pest control options and shift your focus back to your customers where it belongs.

Termite Prevention Tips For Your Sevierville Property

Termites are bad news for all Sevierville property owners. With enough time, they'll eat away at your building's structure, leading to costly repairs. The good news is there are many ways to prevent termites; try these:

  • Reduce all moisture sources in and around the home, including leaking pipes and A/C units.
  • Repair or replace roof shingles, soffits, and fascia as needed.
  • Inspect for signs of termites, like mud tubes, bubbling paint, and hollow-sounding wood.
  • Keep an 18-inch gap between the soil and any wooden portions of your home.
  • Store firewood a minimum of 20 feet from the house.

While these prevention tips are a big help, they can't compensate for an active infestation. If you notice termites on the premises, contact us immediately for termite treatments. Our service technicians are trained and equipped to handle your termite problems from start to finish, giving you the security and results you need.

Say goodbye to termites on your property by teaming up with our pest management pros. Reach out to Southeast Termite and Pest Control today to discuss your termite control needs and enjoy a termite-free life.

Tips To Prevent Carpenter Bees In Sevierville

Bees are a common occurrence when the weather turns warm. In addition, they benefit the local ecosystem, making them important. However, carpenter bees in Sevierville are pests that cause property damage, which is impossible to ignore. That's why we've put together some handy carpenter bee prevention tips, such as:

  • Use hardwoods when building or repairing wooden structures.

  • Make sure all wood is painted, stained, or varnished.

  • Use vinyl siding to limit bee attraction.

  • Seal all holes and cracks along your home and its foundation.

If, despite your best efforts, you have an active carpenter bee infestation, don't try to handle them yourself. Instead, reach out to our team. Our experts have the training and resources needed to effectively and quickly fix the problem, so you don't have to take unnecessary risks.

Say goodbye to carpenter bees around your home today. Reach out to Southeast Termite and Pest Control and get rid of carpenter bees in Sevierville.

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