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Oak Ridge is 25 miles northwest of Knoxville. Sitting in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, it's a growing community, providing residents with shops, restaurants, and four museums.

The area surrounding Oak Ridge offers beautiful mountains and spacious walking trails. However, it also provides a home for various pests. These animals invade buildings for food, water, and shelter, especially when it's cold. These infestations can result in damage and illnesses to occupants. Oak Ridge pest control professionals know how to protect you from these creatures.

Southeast Termite and Pest Control provides residents with the best pest solutions in Anderson and Roane counties. Our pest management professionals know the common Oak Ridge intruders and how to remove them.

Residential Pest Control In Oak Ridge

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Our residential pest control services start with a free inspection. We’ll check your foundation, garage, and crawl spaces to find pests and vulnerabilities that attract them. Inside your house, we’ll inspect entry points, doorways, windows, and rooms that might be a concern.

We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to ensure the best and safest solutions for your house. We’ll knock down spider webs while treating areas commonly used as hiding spaces. After our initial visit, we offer monthly and quarterly ongoing services to keep these creatures out of your home.

Pests can cause damage and spread pathogens when they invade your house. Call us today to remove these problems from your Oak Ridge home.

Commercial Pest Control In Oak Ridge

Effective pest control is essential for the success of any business. Pests can enter commercial facilities through tiny entry points, damaging products and spreading illnesses to people. They can decrease productivity and negatively impact the reputation of your business. Pest control professionals can protect your facility from these intruders.

At Southeast Termite and Pest Control, our commercial pest control services begin by inspecting your building. We’ll check the interior and exterior for signs of pests and conducive conditions that attract them. During our initial visit, we’ll treat common areas like halls, bathrooms, and break rooms to remove intruders and prevent future infestations.

Quality pest control is ongoing, so we provide quarterly services to re-treat your facility. We’ll complete the same treatments as our initial visit and remove any pests that have invaded while we were away. Contact us today to learn how our pest control plans can protect your business.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Carpenter Bees In Oak Ridge

Carpenter bees rarely sting but can cause damage to your Oak Ridge building. They chew circular holes into wood to lay their eggs and protect their young. This damage can become significant if the bees are left undisturbed for long periods.

Carpenter bees prefer bare wood and can fit through tiny crevices in your building’s exterior. The holes they create are small enough to avoid recognition. Fortunately, there are ways to keep these pests out, including:

  • Paint or stain wood

  • Seal potential entry points

  • Repair torn screens on doors and windows

These tips can help avoid carpenter bee infestations, but it’s hard to find all entry points. If they get into your building, you’ll need professional pest control to get rid of carpenter bees in Oak Ridge. At Southeast Termite and Pest Control, we'll inspect your building for signs of activity, treating holes and preventing new ones from forming.

We’ll return 30 days after our initial visit to check for activity and re-treat if they’re still around. Additionally, we offer monthly services to continue checking your building for activity. Let us know if you see carpenter bees so we can help.

Contact The Oak Ridge Pros For Total Stink Bug Control

Stink bugs are among the many pests that invade Oak Ridge properties. They usually arrive during the colder months and enter buildings for warmth. They don’t cause structural damage or spread illnesses but produce a pungent odor. For this reason, you want to keep these pests away from your property.

These insects typically enter homes and businesses in large numbers, making them hard to remove. Rather than waiting until these pests invade your building, you should take preventative steps to keep them from entering in the first place. Some prevention tips to avoid stink bugs include:

  • Seal holes or crevices in your exterior.

  • Repair or replace torn screens.

  • Fix leaks and clean spills.

  • Seal food and garbage in containers with tight lids.

  • Keep firewood away from your structure.

When these pests get into your house, you’ll need Southeast Termite and Pest Control to remove them. Our pest management professionals will inspect your home to find these insects and use the best removal techniques. We’ll also check your exterior and close any potential entry points to avoid future problems.

They might not damage your building, but stink bugs are bothersome pests. Call us today to learn how our stink bug control services can help your infestation.

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