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Loudon is 35 miles southwest of Knoxville and the county seat of Loudon County. Sitting on the Tennessee River, it features a walkable downtown filled with restaurants and shops for residents to enjoy. The small community offers a quiet and friendly place to live and work near one of Tennessee's biggest cities.

Many residents and business owners think their properties are safe from pests, but these creatures can fit through tiny spaces in your exterior. They often hide in hard-to-see and reach spaces, like behind appliances and walls. Nocturnal intruders are among the most troublesome because they roam at night while you're asleep or away from the building. Loudon, TN, pest control professionals protect properties from these threats.

Southeast Termite and Pest Control provides Loudon homes and businesses with elite pest services. We'll remove potentially destructive animals from your property and deter others from invading.

Residential Pest Control In Loudon

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Pests can cause severe problems when they invade Loudon homes. They squeeze through tiny entry points and are attracted by food and water sources, like crumbs and leaks. It's hard to close all entrances and remove attractants, so you'll likely deal with an infestation at some point. Professional home pest control in Loudon, TN, can help prevent problems.

Southeast Termite and Pest Control has spent over 40 years protecting Loudon residents from pests. Our process starts with a free inspection where we'll check your foundation, garage, and crawl spaces for activity and entry points. We'll treat vulnerable areas, knocking down spider webs and removing nests.

Our one-time pest services include a 30-day warranty, and we provide monthly and quarterly services for year-round protection. Call us to keep pests out of your Loudon home.

Commercial Pest Control In Loudon

Commercial facilities are attractive buildings for pests because they provide plentiful storage, food, and water. These intruders damage equipment, contaminate products, and spread illnesses, threatening your production and health. Commercial pest control in Loudon, TN, can remove pests from your facility and keep them from returning.

At Southeast Termite and Pest Control, we serve businesses in various industries throughout Loudon. We'll check your property for attractants, activity, and entry points, noting areas of concern. Our pest management professionals will treat your common areas and around your exterior and install bait boxes to trap rodents.

We offer monthly or quarterly recurring services to keep your building pest-free year-round. Contact us for a free inspection of your Loudon business.

Warning Signs Of Carpenter Bee Activity In Loudon

When most people think of bees, their stings are the primary concern. Carpenter bees are unique because they present the threat of damage. They enter structures through tiny entry points and create holes in your wood to build nests. As a result, they can impact the stability of your house.

These tiny insects are usually active during spring and quickly vanish into your wood, drilling holes that leave debris behind. Like other wood-destroying pests, recognizing the indications of an infestation will limit the damage they cause. Signs of carpenter bees in your Loudon home include:

  • Round and smooth holes in wood

  • Sawdust piles around holes

  • Carpenter bees entering and exiting your wooden structures

Even if you spot these insects in your house, their tiny sizes make them hard to reach. They can also cause damage that requires repairs. At Southeast Termite and Pest Control, our Loudon bee control experts will inspect your property to find activity and the holes carpenter bees have created. We'll treat areas of concern and exposed wood, preventing future problems.

We'll return within 30 days if they're still present and retreat if necessary. Let us know if you see signs of carpenter bees in Loudon.

How Professional Crawl Space Encapsulation Benefits Loudon Homes

Moisture is the most significant concern for any home. It can threaten your health and the structural stability of your building. Unfortunately, moisture often exists in hidden spaces like attics and crawl spaces. If it continues, it will threaten your health and the safety of your house. Sealing potential entry points can prevent this intrusion.

Crawl space encapsulation adds a polyethylene barrier to your crawl space, covering your floors, foundation, walls, and ceiling to waterproof the room.

This process keeps moisture outside, making your home more comfortable and reducing health risks. Additional benefits of crawl encapsulation include:

  • Reducing heating and cooling costs.

  • Improving air quality.

  • Preventing mold growth.

  • Keeping pests out of your home.

As you might imagine, this process requires professional help. At Southeast Termite and Pest Control, we'll inspect your crawl space for moisture, high humidity, and vents. We'll remove your old insulation, treat mold or mildew, and install the new vapor barrier. We can also install a weather station for residents to monitor the moisture conditions in their crawl spaces.

Moisture threatens your health and safety by promoting mold growth and damaging your structure. Give us a call if you need to encapsulate your crawl space in Loudon.

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