Pest Control In Kingston, TN

Professional Pest Control In Kingston, TN

Kingston is 36 miles southwest of Knoxville and Tennessee's second-oldest city. It sits along the confluence of the Clinch, Emory, and Tennessee rivers and Watts Bar Lake. The area is best known for its water activities and features locally-owned shops and restaurants.

In addition to the rivers, Kingston's wooded areas provide homes for animals. These creatures prefer their natural habitats but invade properties while searching for food, water, and shelter. They can damage buildings and spread pathogens that can make people sick. Kington, TN, pest control professionals can protect you from these problems.

Southeast Termite and Pest Control has provided expert pest services for Kingston residents since 1971. We train our pest management professionals to handle the common infestations that threaten local properties.

Residential Pest Control In Kingston

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Residential properties in Kingston feature expansive yards and woods, providing privacy for residents. Unfortunately, these attributes also serve as homes for various animals. Creatures can fit through tiny entry points, causing damage and spreading illnesses when they enter homes, threatening the health and safety of residents.

Southeast Termite and Pest Control provides home pest control in Kingston, TN. We'll inspect your foundation, garage, and crawl spaces for activity. Our initial service includes treating vulnerable areas and knocking down webs and nests. We'll also target areas of concern inside and outside your home to ensure we eliminate all threats on your property.

Our one-time treatments include a 30-day warranty, but we also offer quarterly services for year-round protection. Call us to keep invasive pests out of your Kingston home.

Commercial Pest Control In Kingston

The animals in Kingston's woods and waterways threaten local businesses. Pests are attracted to commercial facilities because the buildings provide plentiful food, water, and hiding spots. When they invade your facility, they can cause damage, contaminate products, and spread illnesses to your employees and customers.

Southeast Termite and Pest Control is your go-to source for commercial pest control in Kingston, TN. Our pest management specialists will inspect your property for activity, conducive conditions, and entry points. We'll treat common areas around your facility and place bait boxes to trap rodents.

Year-round pest control is essential for any business, so we provide quarterly recurring services. Each visit will include the same treatment as our initial service, designed to keep pests away. Contact us for more about our commercial pest services.

Common Fall Invaders In Kingston: Ladybugs, Stink Bugs, Boxelder Bugs

You might notice more pests in your home when the fall months arrive. Some nuisance pests can't handle cold weather and invade buildings for a warmer environment. They can fit through tiny entry points in your exterior, causing damage and spreading potentially dangerous pathogens while they look for food, water, and shelter.

Many of these pests travel in groups and reproduce while inside, worsening your infestation over time. The best method for their removal depends on the species, so identifying the animals in your house is essential. The most common fall pests in Kingston homes include:

  • Ladybugs grow to approximately 3/8 of an inch and are red with black spots.

  • Stink bugs are 3/4 of an inch and mottled grayish-brown.

  • Boxelder bugs are 1/2 an inch and black with red or orange markings.

Southeast Termite and Pest Control provides fall seasonal pest control for your home. We start with a free inspection, looking at your foundation, shutters, and window and door frames. We'll treat entry points, eaves, plumbing lines, and landscaping to reduce pests and prevent others from invading.

Our fall pest services include a six-week warranty, and we can return during the spring to re-treat your property. Let us know if you're concerned about fall invaders entering your Kingston home.

Are DIY Bed Bug Treatments Worth It?

Bed bugs are troublesome pests to find around your Kingston home. Residents carry them in bags or luggage while traveling, and they'll spread where people rest. They softly bite while you sleep and return to their hiding spots, making them hard to discover. These bites can impact your mental health by causing sleeplessness and anxiety.

Many people assume they can handle the pests that invade their homes. While you may be able to remove some with over-the-counter products, bed bugs require professional assistance. 

Some of the reasons why DIY (do-it-yourself) bed bug control is unsuccessful include:

  • Bed bugs hide in hard-to-see and reach spaces.

  • Bed bugs multiply while in your home.

  • Over-the-counter products can cause health concerns.

As you can see, DIY bed bug treatments are unlikely to eliminate pests and can endanger your health. The better option is the professionals at Southeast Termite and Pest Control. We'll inspect your house to find their hiding spots and use liquid treatments to remove them. Our 14-day follow-up visit ensures we eliminate all traces of these pests.

Our professional bed bug treatments include a 30-day warranty, and we can treat single rooms or your whole house. Call us to learn more about how we can keep your home free of bed bugs.

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