Protecting Your Home From Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a nightmare and challenging to exterminate. You’ll encounter various solutions for ridding your home of bed bugs. However, no method is effective without involving professional pest control or experienced exterminators.

3 Pest Control Tips to Keep Bed Bugs Away

To eliminate the bed bugs problem in your home, you’ll need a comprehensive plan of action because the crawlers are resilient. Forgetting a few spaces can result in a full-blown infestation in a couple of months. Here are three tips to help you keep the vermin away and exterminate an infestation.

1. Hire a Cleaning Team

Cleaning is essential in removing bed bugs from your home. The bugs love cluttered spaces with dark hiding places and lots of furniture. Cleaning and decluttering such areas will expose the irritants, leaving them with no hiding spaces. However, cleaning doesn’t fully eliminate them.

Let the professionals handle cleaning to avoid contaminating other rooms and spaces with bugs. Cleaning is done in isolation for each room using specific procedures, like vacuuming instead of sweeping. The goal is to flush and exterminate as many bed bugs as possible.

Thorough cleaning is essential if the infestation is critical. Working with a pest expert will help you identify the best cleaning agents to bring out the bugs. The exterminator will also apply instant aerosols to kill exposed bed bugs.

2. Schedule an Inspection

Routine cleaning can help maintain a low pest population, but you’ll need more to exterminate bed bugs. The first thing you should do is schedule an inspection. A thorough check will identify the resting, hiding, and incubating places.

You can involve a licensed exterminator to inspect the rooms and spaces. They are experts in flushing out the crawlers and know where they tend to hide. Most exterminators will check the bed, mattress, furniture, carpets, upholstery, appliances, and electronics. 

An inspection is all about assessing the level of infestation to create an extermination plan. The expert will help you determine what to throw and keep, choose aerosols and pesticides and review existing solutions.

3. Use Customized Solutions

There are many ways to deal with bugs. Simple solutions like using active guard liners and safe encasements may suffice in some cases. These options terminate bugs within three days. Other situations suit sprays, aerosols, and dust, while critical infestation may require disposing of the item.

Each situation calls for custom solutions designed for the space and level of infestation. Cleaning will help you spot and kill visible bugs instantly using aerosols and liquid sprays. On the other hand, dust pesticides will take longer to kill bugs and remain active for several weeks.

Dust is ideal for eliminating hidden bugs and populations that hatch in the future. If you work with a professional exterminator, they’ll recommend the best solution based on the inspection. They’ll also advise you on how to control future infestations. 

Bed Bug Extermination Services

The best way to protect your home from bed bugs is through expert services. Professional exterminators have profound knowledge about how bugs live, feed, and breed. More importantly, they know how to flush and kill them and destroy un-hatched eggs.

If you want to free your home of bed bugs, you should contact a reputable family-focused pest company, such as Southeast Exterminating. The exterminator has served Knoxville since 1971 and has many years of experience in dealing with bed bugs.