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There are many upsides to living here in Jamestown. One big benefit is our access to nature. Problems arise, however, when nature tries to break into local homes and businesses. If you are struggling with pest problems, do not worry. There are many great ways to handle invasive species inside and around your home or business. Take some time today to learn everything you need to know about residential and commercial pest control in Jamestown and find some quick information about two common pests in our area. For direct professional help, call our team at Southeast Termite and Pest Control. We will talk you through the problems you are having and find a plan that best meets your needs. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about our offerings and find effective pest control that can work for you.

Residential Pest Control In Jamestown

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When you come home, what are you greeted by? Many people come home to pets and loved ones, making your house feel like home. Coming home to pests, on the other hand, is not a good way to live. There are many invasive species that might break into your home here in Jamestown. Common home-invading pests include ants, flies, bees, wasps, beetles, centipedes, rodents, cockroaches, and termites. Some of these creatures are small and like stealing food. Others are large and cause serious damage. All are annoying. Whether you are dealing with a specific pest problem or are looking for comprehensive coverage to deter all local species, we have what you need here at Southeast Termite and Pest Control. Talk with our team today to learn more about our professional residential pest control offerings and discover how we can help you find pest freedom inside your Jamestown home.

Commercial Pest Control In Jamestown

Running a business is by no means easy. It requires constant attention to detail and a good understanding of markets, people, and property. Although we cannot help you with many of these details, we can certainly help you avoid troublesome pests that might cause you trouble. So many local species have the ability to destroy property, threaten people, and damage reputations. Our job at Southeast Termite and Pest Control is to offer business owners like you comprehensive commercial pest control to combat any species that might cause trouble. From detailed termite control to general pest control and monitoring, we have everything you need to find freedom. Contact our team today to discuss our services and schedule your Jamestown commercial property for a thorough inspection.

What Health Problems Can Mosquitoes In Jamestown Cause?

It is hard to imagine that a bug the size of a mosquito could pose any amount of concern. The truth is that these small insects are the most dangerous creatures on the planet and are responsible for over one million deaths every year. Now, most of these fatalities occur in third-world countries where there is no easy access to medicine. There are also no services like the CDC to control and address outbreaks as they occur. The U.S. has both of these things. Unfortunately, having access to these things does not make getting sick from a mosquito bite any more comfortable. Outbreaks still occur, and people get sick with diseases like malaria, West Nile virus, and Zika virus. These illnesses cause serious discomfort and can be expensive to treat. The best way to avoid sickness is to invest in mosquito control for your property and to take necessary prevention steps when spending time in nature. We can provide professional control. Reach out by phone or through our website to learn more about our mosquito control or if you have any unanswered questions about mosquitoes. We are here to help.

How To Identify Termite Damage In Jamestown

We service a lot of pests; our specialty, however, is termites. One thing we do to help locals with these destructive insects is to provide information on how people can identify an infestation inside their homes and businesses. Let’s start with some signs of termites you should look for:

  • Overly-squeaky floorboards

  • Hard-to-open windows and doors

  • Bubbling or peeling paint or wallpaper

  • Sagging floors

  • Buckling beams

  • Pin-sized holes in structural wood

  • Frass (termite droppings) on the floor and clinging to walls

  • Mud tubes crawling up your home’s exterior foundation

  • Live swarmers (winged termites) inside your home or business

It is good to note that many of these signs appear after severe termite damage has already occurred. The best way to spot an infestation early is to invest in a professional inspection with our team. To avoid these pests altogether, ask about our year-round termite control offerings. We have amazing treatments that guarantee these pests do not make it into your walls. Call us today to learn more about these treatments and find a service time that works for your Jamestown home or business.

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