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Carpenter Bee Control In Knoxville, TN

Containing Carpenter Bees Since 1971

Carpenter bees are wood-destroying pests with a high volume of activity in Knoxville. Many new bees hatch in mid to late spring and begin boring holes in untreated wood. As you can imagine, these creatures can quickly become a nuisance and cause damage to your property if left unchecked.

Southeast Termite And Pest Control can provide effective pest control services against carpenter bees in Knoxville. Our team of experts uses advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to safely and effectively remove these pests from your property. You won't need to worry about damaging your property, and you can rest easy that all best practices are followed.

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How Southeast Termite & Pest Control Can Defend Against Carpenter Bees

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Like many of the services offered by Southeast Termite & Pest Control, every carpenter bee control session begins with a free inspection. We want to make sure we understand the environment of your home and all surrounding attractant factors, as well as any underlying conditions that might be attracting the insects to your home or business. Our pest management professionals will evaluate your property for the signs and symptoms of infestation and pay close attention to problem areas like:

  • Vertical dime-sized holes in decking or eaves

  • Piles of sawdust underneath holes

  • Live carpenter bee activity

Next, it will be time to treat local carpenter bees with an initial control service. Southeast Termite & Pest Control prefers to apply our treatments in early spring, just before the pests become more active and overrun the yard. All vertical holes discovered in our inspection will be properly treated and sealed. We will also treat any exposed wood that may be at risk to reduce carpenter bee activity as the year continues.

We understand that carpenter bee control can be a long-term journey. That's why Southeast Termite & Pest Control offers 30-day follow-up services in the rare case of continued drilling or additional sawdust piles. We will return to re-treat the property at no additional cost to you, meaning you can rest easy if any bees return to the home.

Need something more preventative for your Knoxville property under construction? Southeast Termite & Pest Control provides carpenter bee pre-treatment services that can defend your new building on opening day and beyond. We've designed our one-time services to be quick, efficient, and thorough, saving you the trouble (and fear) of one-off DIY treatments.

You can learn more about our professional pest control in Knoxville and the products we use to ensure it by contacting the professionals at Southeast Termite & Pest Control. Call us today to schedule a free inspection. We look forward to providing you with a no-obligation quote.

Our Carpenter Bee Control Process

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We'll inspect your Knoxville property for probable signs of carpenter bee activity. Piles of sawdust, vertical holes and active carpenter bees are all signs that we take seriously. We may ask you to identify possible points of infestation or guide us to areas of untreated wood. Since all of our inspection processes are free of charge, you'll only pay for our services if and when you're ready for treatment.

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We'll treat the outside of your Knoxville property against the activities of carpenter bees. First, we will locate, treat, and seal active carpenter bee holes to ensure new bees won't hatch later in the spring. Next, we'll provide products to untreated wood and other vulnerable areas of your home. If you need pre-construction carpenter bee treatments for your Knoxville property, don't hesitate to let our pest management professionals know.

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We provide a 30-day warranty for all one-off treatment services, including carpenter bee treatments in residential or commercial environments. If you start noticing any boring behavior or additional piles of sawdust, our team will return to repeat the initial applications received on your first treatment. We will re-treat as needed with our ongoing warranty to ensure you have the greatest peace of mind possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Southeast Termite And Pest Control provides pre-construction treatments for carpenter bee activity in Knoxville. We use hand-selected products and more than 50 years of industry experience to protect your property from wood-boring stinging insects. Whether you need pre-treatments for a residential building or a commercial enterprise, you can count on Southeast Termite And Pest Control to get the job done right.

Defend Your Building Against Carpenter Bees With Southeast Termite & Pest Control

If your home struggles against regular infestations of carpenter bees in Knoxville, you need the preventative powers of Southeast Termite & Pest Control. We will be glad to support your home or business with a full gambit of inspections and treatments. In the unlikely event that carpenter bees return, we will re-treat your home within 30 days.

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