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A Helpful Guide To Preventing Wasps Around Your Knoxville Yard


Wasps are some of the more serious pests that Knoxville homeowners may face. Wasps can build their nests in almost any place on your property, and they have a tendency to build close to places where you and your family tend to frequent. Unfortunately, wasps defend their nests aggressively and they attack in swarms. Their stings are venomous and can potentially result in hospitalizations. Children and pets, being naturally curious, tend to have the most negative encounters with wasps.

If you need wasp pest control in Knoxville, the best company to call is Southeast Termite & Pest Control. Our seasoned professionals know how to get rid of wasps, and how to keep them away. Call us for help with wasps.

The Role Wasps Play In Our Ecosystem

Wasps play two vital roles in the ecosystem:

  1. Wasps are natural predators. They prey on other insect types, and the result of this predation is that they help control other insect populations. If it wasn’t for wasps, these other insect populations could overpopulate the environment and cause a host of problems.

  2. Wasps help pollinate. Although bees are the most commonly recognized pollinating insects, wasps are no slouches when it comes to helping plants reproduce. Wasps love nectar as much as bees do, and they move pollen from flower to flower just like bees do.

Wasps have important roles in the environment and are welcomed and appreciated in these roles. They are not welcomed onto your property, however, especially when they decide to start stinging.

If you need help controlling wasps, call Southeast Termite & Pest Control. We have a long history of excellent customer satisfaction. Contact us today, and let us make you another satisfied customer.

Some Wasps Are More Dangerous Than Others

Not all wasps are created equal. Some types of wasps can be considered non-aggressive, while other types of wasps are quite aggressive by nature. Common paper wasps are not normally aggressive but will respond aggressively if their nests are disturbed. Yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets, Asian giant hornets, and European hornets, however, can be quite aggressive in their natural habitat. They will aggressively defend their nests when disturbed just like common paper wasps but also tend to have a much wider area of defensiveness. Just coming into their general area can be enough to provoke an attack.

Wasp stings can be venomous and dangerous. If you need help with wasps, call Southeast Termite & Pest Control. We know how to control wasps, and we can help you get your yard back

Five Naturally Effective Wasp Prevention Tips

Given that wasps can cause you a lot of grief around your Knoxville property and potentially harm your health, here are some natural prevention tips to help decrease your chances of having to deal with them:

  1. Seal garbage: Wasps are highly attracted by open garbage. Seal it to discourage them.

  2. Eliminate clutter: Eliminating clutter decreases nesting opportunities for wasps.

  3. Trim greenery: Overgrown greenery around your home is inviting for wasps.

  4. Inspect frequently: Catching nests early allows easier removal.

  5. Seal your home: Sealing your home can discourage wasps looking for a home.

These tips can help you decrease the chances of getting a wasp infestation, but can’t ultimately prevent them from coming. If you find yourself struggling with wasps on your property, Southeast Termite & Pest Control can help you get rid of them. Call us today for help with wasp prevention.

Call The Professionals For Total Wasp Control For Your Yard

Wasp infestations can form fast, and they can be dangerous to try to eliminate with DIY methods. If you need help with wasp removal, Southeast Termite & Pest Control can help you. Our seasoned professionals know how to eliminate wasp problems and keep them from coming back. Call us today for any home pest control problems.

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