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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our insecticides are approved by the EPA and TDA. All have specific guidelines for usage and most are safe to use in daycares, restaurants, retirement homes and residential properties.

Not always. There are some problems that need an interior treatment, but most pest control problems originate on the exterior of the home. We can provide an exterior treatment which will prevent you from having an interior problem.

Yes. We accept all major credit cards and can set up monthly or quarterly accounts on automatic payments.

Yes. We have technicians who service Knoxville and all surroundings counties. For most of our services, we will go as far as 50 miles outside of Knoxville.  Contact Us for more information!

Yes. Most termite treatments take between 2-5 hours.  Contact Us to schedule an inspection for a more accurate assessment.

We use the liquid, “Termidor”, for termite treatments. We have access to baiting systems, but prefer the results that a liquid treatment provides.  Learn more: Click Here

No. In some cases, drilling is not necessary. When it is necessary, it is accomplished by using a ¼ inch drill bit. After the hole is used to treat, it is re-patched. In most cases, the homeowner cannot tell where the drilling took place.

Mosquitoes “hop” across the property. They fly a little bit, then land on an object. Fly a little closer to you, then land again. Fly closer and land again. This is called “hopping”. When they land on your property, they’re coming in contact with our treatment. This controls them in your yard, but not your neighbors.

Most treatments last between 30-60 days. We have one time treatments for a specific event or recurring treatments for continuous protection.

No. We can treat your furniture and get rid of the bedbugs.

No. Our treatments can take 2-4 hours and we may ask you to be out of the home for an additional 2-4 hours, but after that, you can go back to your regular routine.

Yes. Ladybugs and stink bugs are prevalent in the fall of the year. They look to find a warm home to overwinter and can become a nuisance in the fall and again in the spring. We can do an exterior treatment, in the fall, that will help keep them from overwintering in your home.