Bedbug Control

First we always want to make an inspection to verify a bedbug infestation and determine the level of the problem. We offer free inspection/estimates in Knoxville and directly adjacent counties. During the inspection our technician will give an estimate and go over the prep work for the homeowner/tenant.

Prep work includes the stripping of beds and laundering all bedding. Running all dryer safe belongings from the infested room/furniture (pillows, throws, blankets, quilts, cloths, etc) through a 'high heat" dryer cycle for a minimum of 30 minutes. Removing clutter from the area to be treated. Discarding any unnecessary paper, cardboard or infested items. We DO NOT require infested furniture be removed. Our treatment will rid the furniture of bedbugs, however, if these items are to eventually be discarded anyway, prior to the treatment will result in faster results.

Bedbug Control sign in a bedroom
Bedbug Contol on a bed. Employee hands in blue protective gloves cleaning new modern white mattress with professionally extraction method. Southeast Termite Bedbug Control

We use a liquid application that has a residual for 90 days. During this time, any bedbug coming in contact with our treatment will become infected and succumb to the effects in a 4-5-day period. During this 4-5-day period, those infected bedbugs will in turn infect other bedbugs. It's a domino effect, eventually infecting all the bedbugs in the area.

Along with the liquid application, we dust the wall voids in the infested rooms, as well as install a bedbug killing encasement to your box springs. This encasement will actively kill bedbugs for up to two years.

Our treatment is a 1-time treatment and we offer a 60 day warranty.

Bedbug Contol on a bed. Employee hands in blue protective gloves cleaning new modern white mattress with professionally extraction method. Southeast Termite Bedbug Control

What Makes Our Liquid Treatment Better Than a Heat Treatment?

Simply put, cost and residual. With a heat treatment, companies price the entire square footage of the home, even though the infestation may be limited to two rooms. With our treatment we can target specific areas where the bedbugs are feeding. Bedbugs cannot mature and advance to the next life cycle or reproduce without a blood meal. Because of this, bedbugs want to be as close to their hosts as possible and will try to feed every 4 to 6 days. That is where our treatment is targeted and therefor our cost is, in most cases, much less expensive than heat.

Bedbugs. Comparison of a bedbug to a grain of rice.

The residual of our liquid treatment is an often-overlooked advantage. True, heat treatment can eradicate bedbugs in a 24-hour period, but it offers no residual. So many people want the bugs gone today and that is a selling point for some, but the biggest reason for a bedbug treatment fail is the reintroduction of the bugs. Often times, owners/tenants do not know how they got the infestation in the first place and continuing that same practice (going to an infested friends home, a friend who has them coming to your home, etc.) is likely to bring the bedbugs back.

With a heat treatment, after spending a couple thousand dollars, it's very possible to bring bedbugs back in a week or two and nothing is there to control the new infestation. Nothing is worse than spending hard earned money and within a few weeks, the problem is back. That is where our treatment is better. Our treatment will control bedbugs up to 3 months and with the box spring encasement, there is an active control measure for up to two years.