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Licensed Pest Treatment Options to Fit Your Budget in Knoxville

Whether you're dealing with mosquitos, roaches, ants, spiders or any other pest problem, there is a treatment option that fits your budget, schedule and, of course, the control of the pest!

One-Time Service

  • Best for the occasional pest problem.
  • Usually not a persistent issue.
  • Can focus on a specific problem (e.g., fleas, yellow jackets).

Monthly Services

  • Best when there are multiple pest problems.
  • Use if there is a persistent issue (e.g., ants, German cockroaches, mice).
  • Focuses on the initial problem, but also designed to be a broad-spectrum treatment.
  • Great for preventing and controlling future pest problems.
  • Includes free call-backs, as needed, in between the regular service dates.

Quarterly Services

  • Similar to monthly service, except with only four scheduled services per year.
  • Better fit for a busier household
  • Includes free call-backs, as needed, in between the regular service dates.

Perimeter Service

  • Most pest problems originate on the outside of a home or business.
  • One-time, monthly or quarterly services can be perimeter services.
  • Cheaper and usually provides control as good as interior services.
  • Includes an interior treatment, if needed, for no additional charge.
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