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Mosquito Treatment Schedule for Knoxville

April-October: Treat Your Property!

Why treat for mosquitoes?

First, it’s your property; you should be able to enjoy it. Second, mosquitoes are not only a nuisance to people, but to pets as well. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor BBQ or family get-together. Southeast Termite and Pest Control can treat the perimeter of your home, controlling 90 percent of the mosquito population. Use a one-time treatment for special occasions or monthly service for summer-long protection.

*Agree to a six-month service, get the seventh month free!

*Current termite and pest control customers get 15 percent off a one-time treatment.

“Asian Tiger” Mosquito Feeding
“Asian Tiger” Mosquito Feeding

Mosquito Treatment!

Don’t let these guys get started in your backyard!

Southeast Termite and Pest Control can help!

Monthly and One-Time Treatments

Call us to get started!

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