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Frequently Asked Questions about Bed Bug Treatment

Household pests tend to be a subject that people avoid; their presence summons up so many unpleasant feelings. Maybe it’s because these pests attack at home where people are at their most vulnerable. At Southeast Termite and Pest Control in Knoxville, we’ve heard many concerns about bed bugs. Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions:

What are bed bugs? 
These tiny insects are parasites that consume the blood of other animals (e.g., sleeping people). Bed bug treatment primarily targets those places where pests are likely to establish nests.

What do the pests look like? 
At their biggest, the bugs are about the size and shape of an apple seed, with an oval, flattened shape. They tend to be a reddish or golden-brown color. Nymphs are very small and difficult to see as they are just 1 millimeter in size with a cream color.

How can I recognize an infestation? 
Unfortunately, the easiest way to identify their presence is when you find bites on your body. You could check the folds of sheets and mattresses, looking for tiny blood spots on the sheets or small collections of translucent eggs.

Where should I look? 
They are most likely to appear in the places you sleep. Check the dark areas of your bed, along the baseboards and on any other furniture in the area. Be especially vigilant while checking the tucks, folds and crevices of the bedding.

Is Bed bug liquid treatment an effective control method?
​Bed bug liquid treatment
 is extremely effective. It is also a safe method for your family and a lasting residual can control future re-infestations. 

Bed bug treatment primarily targets those places where pests are likely to establish nests.

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